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Founded in 1962, Khao Yai National Park stands as Thailand’s first national park. Its flora and fauna earned it a World Heritage Site designation in 2005, making it Thailand’s third-largest national park, spanning 2,168 square kilometers and encompassing grasslands, evergreen forests, and highland evergreen forests. Elevations normally range between 400 and 1000 meters, with the highest point being 1,351 meters. There are over 2,000 plant and tree species and 380 bird species recorded in the national park, including the great hornbill, the coral-billed ground cuckoo, and the Siamese Fireback, Thailand’s national bird, as well as 71 mammal species such as Asian elephants, sun bears, gaurs, gibbons, pig-tailed macaques, wild pigs, sambar deer, and dholes. The two most well-known waterfalls in the national park are the tallest Hew Narok waterfall, and the Hew Suwat waterfall, which appeared in the popular film “The Beach.”

Wildlife and Nature at Khao Yai National Park

Our Happy Clients!

We booked two full day tours (private) with Jungle Planet and it was great. On the first day we went out with Run, he is a great guide and very good spotter. We saw lots of gibbons, lizards, snakes and various deers. In the evening he even took us for an extra walk to show us porcupines, but unfortunately they didn't come out. On the second day we went out with Run and PK, they told us a lot about the park and the animals. A particular highlight on the second day was a pair of hornbills. In the evening we went back to the area with the porcupines. This time we were successful and saw two groups (6 porcupines in total). Run and PK even started the tours earlier and ended it later to show us lots of animals, which was really great. Thank you very much! We can highly recommend Jungle Planet as tour operator.
Philipp Placebo
We had an amazing 1.5 days in Khao Yai part with PK and part with his colleague Lan. Both were wonderful, kind and hugely knowledgeable guides. We saw an elephant up close (Lan predicted where it would emerge onto the road right in front of us!) and at the salt lick. And we watched a Gibbon family, a Buffy Fish-Owl, 3 Kingfishers (Banded, Common, White-throated), Hornbills, Mountain Hawk-Eagle chased by a Shrika, Fireback, Ground Cuckoo, Golden Orb Spiders, a large Chameleon and various other reptiles, giant squirrel, other birds (Barbet, Drongo, Woodpeckers, Pigeons, Flycatchers, Bulbuls, Malkoha, Lapwing,inivet Fairy Bluebird), and we heard a wild boar rustling and grunting close to us!
William McDonnell
Très belle journée avec jungle planet. 2 adultes et 4 enfants les guides ont été au top. Jeep avec banquettes pour voir les animaux, les guides s'appellent pour se donner des infos sur la présence des animaux. En plus il parle très bien français. Ils sont équipés avec des jumelles et appareils photos qui vont nous permettre d'avoir de beaux souvenirs. Je recommande vivement ! Merci!
Aurélie Berger

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Since 2003, Jungle Planet has offered licensed wildlife, birdwatching, and wildlife photography tours to Khoa Yai NP, customizing each tour to meet the interests and requirements of our guests. We provide private tours for those who prefer a more personal touch, as well as group tours for guests who come together or want to meet new people while exploring the wonders of Thailand’s first national park.

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